Monday, December 8, 2008

Google Trends and Islamic Sexual Perversion

Most in the West, are NOT  familiar with the deeply troubling sexual dysfunctions that seem to plague our Muslim friends. 

It has been thoroughly discussed in the threads on Muhammad’s sex with children, inbreeding, pedastry, the high volume of rapes committed by Muslims and the link between Islamic Terrorism and Child Porn. 

If we want to test the link between Islamic dominated coutries and sexual perversion, all we have to do (to see what the Islamic world has on its mind) is take a look at Google Trends. 

Google Trends charts how often a particular search term is entered relative the total search volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages.

What is shocking is that when one inputs deviant sexual search parameters, well, the results speak for themselves. 

To compound the disgusting nature of the Muslim world's particularly sickening (and massive) overrepresentation, is that in Pakistan (for example) only approximately 3.3 per cent of the people there have internet access, however this tiny fraction of users dominate the world in search requests for the vile material that follow.

This may shock some, but I am sure most of us already knew this a long time ago (and many others that just don't want to admit it). Anyway, here goes.

Sexy Children






6.Saudi Arabia

Fucking Children






Ass Sex


2.Saudi Arabia



5.United Arab Emirates







Donkey Sex 



3.Saudi Arabia


5.South Africa


Rape a Child. 




4.South Africa


Reverse the words to Rape Child and Look who is number one again? Pakistan!

Human Animal Sex
Pakistan, number 1

Sex with Animals
Pakistan, number 1

Naked Children, 
You have 5 guesses who is number 1.

Rape Little Boys, 
Who do you think? You’ve guessed it! Pakistan is number 1, actually, it would seem it is about 95% of the total!

Sex with little Boys
Pakistan Again!

Sex Boys. 
Who do you think is number 1? Come on I will give you a guess!

Child Sex Pictures
You have three guesses what country is number one and dominates this search.

Nude Boys
You have 4 guesses who is number 1.

Nude Girls
You have 3 guesses who is number 1.

Nude Children.
Come on, you might have it.

Gang Rape, 
Pakistan is only slightly nudged out of first place on this one.

Sex with Animals. 
Good old Pakistan is in the Lead followed closely by India and Egypt, but still dominating the rankings.

Ass Rape. 
As Always, our Muslim friends come in first!

Donkey Penis
Again, it is basically Pakistan and no one else.

Muslim Child Sex,
You have 2 guesses who is number 1.

Child Sex

Muslim Rape 
If you look at this one, Pakistan is basically alone and looks to be about 99% of the users searching for this lovely topic.

Ok, I think everyone is getting the idea. It would appear that the sexual perversion brought on by the Islamic way of life is even influencing the way in which Muslims spend their time on the internet. 

These are the consequences of Islamist misogyny, gender segregation and sexual abuse of Muslim children and women since the days of the prophet. 

Perhaps not altogether insignificant in these practices is that the Koran itself promises to put pre-pubescent boys at the service of jihadist martyrs not interested in the female virgins awaiting them in paradise. The boys will be like “scattered pearls” of “perpetual freshness” (Suras 52:24, 56:17, 76:19). 

That's not to say that Muslims are interested in other topics. 

Russian girls




So maybe it all evens out, as Muslims seem to be searching some of the time online for the Quran and Jihad and most of the time for Animal Child Rape. 

A proud moment for the Muslim world!

Muslims, you really need to look at yourselves and ask whether living according the Koran is really making healthy and happy lives for you, or in fact, by every measurable statistic, not?

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BuddhaInBurka said...

Many thanks for your steadfast courage in researching and presenting these findings - they point to a truly awful reality regarding the Male Muslim mindset.